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Short story Competition

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Short story Competition Empty Short story Competition

Post by Big brother on Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:05 am

He was one of them!

It was one Sunday morning of the year 1995, the morning that shocked and tore Hasniya village apart and plunged it into heartbreaks,and sorrows. Earlier that deceiving night, it was matter of destiny combined with Allah’s will that the whole small village rose to wed Salem to Khawla, a loving couple and the pride of their families. That night, the darkness seemed to take over the daylight so early, you could see a one single star hung on that thick blanket shining feebly.
The place was a village called Hasniya,it is not of a great importance,but mainly a rural village situated between two great mountains, a pretty extended field that seasonal and yearly crops grow in there. The life there, is just as simple as its people don’t indulge themselves into the complexity of the twentieth century.

During dinner time of Salem and Khawla wedding , there was a rumor flying in the air that said that the authorities have discovered lately that “Tayeb was one of them” . Although the occasion was to cheer up and forget, away from the suffering of the daily life, the people ,scattered in groups of two and three men,seemed unready to stop chewing the rumor of uncertainty. All the faces after hearing that “Tayeb was one of them” turned ghastly pale. Some people desperately trying to revive the faces and paint some joy on them, came hardly with false smiles. Many of the presents jawing the rumor, worked their minds to figure out how could the Tayeb , the mild, the calm, the considerate and the beloved of the whole small village join such a group. They made endless calculations, and gave series of probabilities and maybes to come out with with a slight explanation, but their mind repeatedly trying to do so, burnt eventually.

When destiny runs against the will, it becomes confusingly hard to understand the intricacies of life, as though they paralyze the mind and go beyond it. Tayeb, with all what his name may signify of goodness, was the central of admiration and respect of Hasniya people. His tenderness with all the people, his wide heartwarming smile that paints serenity and peacefulness on his face , his pure and noble heart willing always to do things which benefit other people at the expense of his own interest, his naivety, his sensibility of others , his funny soul and so on, all these qualities and moralities put the mind away from any suspicion, not a mote of doubt.

Then, it was one evening when he was heading to home after a long day working in his field that the devil crossed his way. There, in top corner of the street, he saw someone mingled in the inky black night ,bearing dishonesty and bad will. The man came close to Tayeb, saluted him, and then put him in between two bitter choices, whether he would follow him or his family life would be at stake. Tayeb, at the hearing of the potential death of his family and without any hesitation , gave himself up to the forces of devil.
By and by and over time , Tayeb was exposed to range of cruelties and inhumanities massacres and slays that bleed the heart , paralyze the mind, cut the breath, and take the soul. And so, Tayeb was trained and prepared to participate in some noble mission, as they said. Although he was expected to be ready for his first operation, he would not stain his hands.

Then, it came that deceiving night , the night when they came down from the mountain more ghouls and monsters like. They came to assassinate the serenity of night and steal the souls, they came to plant horrors and spread fears , they came to kill innocence , they came for sorrows and woes. Tayeb was destined to be one of them, he was to prove for them his loyalty and his hard metal , he was to be taken out his pure nature, he was to kill Salem& Khawla, the newly married couple in their bed. In quick unexpected movement, they broke the frontdoor , burst in like spirits, took whoever soul found in there, crashed, hit, beheaded , cursed, and got out human nature. Then, they reached the newly married couple’s room in their first night, oh dear!!.......” we are here to take your souls. Tayeb, send those traitors to hell”. Tayeb ,when he listened to the order of his superior, froze in his place , gazed at the two couple in bed, he tried to call the memory back, he admitted to face his fate and not stain his hands with blood, he just wanted to keep his human nature,and…..without any plan , stepped back, and ran. Accidently , there were a group of brave armed patriots who felt already about monsters, they got in fire exchange with the monsters, they shot and fired, but when Tayeb was running away from shame, one patriot shot him right in his heart.

It’s morning now, all the small village woke on cries and screams, all the village tore apart, all the eyes drowned by tears, all the faces inked black , and all the heads down. It’s been a massacre, it’s been stealth of life, it’s been cruelty all over the village , and when destiny runs against the will, and when goodness and nobility in brightest daylight emerge to the bereaved eyes they become betrayal and dishonesty, “here is he the traitor” ,said the patriot referring to Tayeb,“ he was one of them”….

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Big brother

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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by Londonhbb on Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:15 am

Algerian Orphan's Destiny

He a is humble child, living in a modest family; he’s the second boy after

Boukhari. Both Boukhari and Lazhari were raised violently because their dad

was so severe, and also their Mum was less tender. When Lazhari was 2 years

old, suddenly his brother died because of Heart Attack. The only person who

was playing with and feeling safety with is now gone forever.

Days passed over and Lazhari began to forget about his brother’s death, until

he reached the official age of learning, 6 years old. He began studying and

having new friends. He liked School better than his home because his dad was

always hitting him offensively, additionally he was always coming home lately

by night drunk.

Lazhari was studying that the only persons that want him to be better than; are

their parents, but he never felt so. Once, he decided to ask his teacher.

Bravely, he said: «Sir, why don’t my parents love me as you are teaching us all

the time?”.

Of course the teacher was astonished and he wasn’t prepared for such

audacious question, although he knows Lazhari’s situation, but he has to

answer. He said:” Ehm ehm your parents love you my son, just they are busy

with life problems and when u grow up you will understand that !!!”.

Lazhari was always hearing his friends talking about their parents and how

they help them to do the homeworks, but he, not! He always feeling alienation.

At his 2nd year and while he was returning home, he noticed a group of people

gathering around his home and also a water container beside the house, his

heart started pulsing hysterically although he knows nothing about what is

happening. When he was close to home, his neighbor came to him hugging

deeply and saying:” Don’t be sad, now you are one of my sons” Lazhari

couldn’t wait to know the reason of this weird behaviors, so he pushed the

neighbor and entered home to listen to sobbing and seeing women weeping;

they were around his Mum who ran to him telling:” Your dad … died”

He was shocked, in the same time he couldn’t imagine his home without men

but him!

Days and nights passed through and his mother mourning had finished. She

decided to marry again and she did. But the new husband denied Lazhari’s

existence in home, who moved to his grandma Hadda to take care of him.

Hadda was living alone, so it was appropriate for her to raise Lazhari.

Lazhari was determined to study seriously, he was the best even all the

circumstances. But being without care of parents allowed him to do a lot of

mistakes as befriending false friends and having bad habits as smoking and

humming. Parallely, he was always dreaming to have an important job and

making happy family and to make his sons live all what he missed in his life.

His life was so hard; he lived all the kinds of discrimination not because he’s

unable nor incompetent but because he was poor orphan. But he never gave

up. He got his Final Primary Exam. Then he got a job in a hens’ company while

he was keeping studying in the Middle School. He got his Final Middle School

Exam (B.E.M) and then he subscribed in an Educational Institute to be a

teacher. He got a job being a teacher and he got married in a large house, and

he had a lot of children raising them as he was hoping for.

He finally realized all what he was dreaming of, despite all the obstacles he

witnessed through his life.


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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:21 am

Without An Objection

I’ve always been a good person, pious son, obedient man ; so why is life
treating me like that? Do not I deserve a chance in my life, just one chance?
What do I need to make life smile to me?. I’m loitering without a direction,
with all those questions in my head. I cannot stop thinking about my next step.
I got my Baccalaureat with a good average, I entered the college I wanted, and
I studied the branche I dreamt of all my life. And now, I’m the person I wanted
to be, I’m an architecture, like I’ve always been dreaming. But after
graduating, my sight has completely changed . It was not the future I expected,
it was harder than I thought. I’m an architecture……” So what?!”, that’s what
I’ve heard from many people. I always say that I studied, I worked hard, my
father couldn’t pay my education’s costs so I was working and studying at the
same time……Where’s my reward? where’s my future?. I’m jobless now, after 5
years at university, working morning and
evening, I’m jobless!.
“Ayman, it’s time for lunch my son.”
“Coming mother.”

We set all around the table: me, mother, father, and my brother Amine.
We were discussing my conditions and my desperate situation.
“Aymen, go tomorrow to the man I told you about, he may help you in
finding a studies office to start working.”
“Yes father, ok.”. I said so just to close the conversation; because I know that it will be like each time I try to start a work in a studies office here in the town. While
that silence during lunch, someone knocked the door and Amine went to see who’s
the visitor, minutes and he came back with an envelope in his hand. “It’s for
you Aymen.” , he said. I took it and opened it, it was that yellow paper. I
cannot run away this time. I tried to do so before but, it’s time now. Mother
kept staring at me, a lot of words were in her eyes. I was reading them, at the
same time I was sending messages to her.
Neither me nor her could speak, I was saying to my self:“I have to go
mother, I need to go.”. The military service, and the two years that the study
could protect me from !. Another two years from my life will lost. I’m now 23
years old , I’ll be 25 after those two years.
When am I going to find a job? When am I going to get married and have
children and prepare for their future? .Two weeks left, then I have to go to do
my national duty. Walking on the streets like I’m saying good bye to them.

“Hey you , lost man!!”. I stopped, I knew that voice, I remember it very
well. Yes, it was my childhood best friend “Salim”. Salim was a reckless boy,
he didn’t get his Baccalaureat and then he left studying forever. I did not
recognize him, he was so different. He looked like a business man. “Salim, you
are completely different, what happened in all those years?”, I asked him.
“ I’ll tell you my story my friend, I could get rid of the Military
service, you know your brother right? Then, I took a loan from the bank and I
started my own business, that’s it friend.”. I told him my story too, how I
studied and finished study and how I’m suffering to get a job and how my strong
principles prevented me to have a loan like him. It’s right that Salim was a
careless person in many things, but he cared about me. He used his authourity
to help me getting rid of the army, not only this, he also gave me a position
in his new construction project. For the first time, here I am using , finally,
something I learnt at university. I was the responsible of that project, all my
problems will be solved. It will perfectly improve my life conditions. I can
establish a family, I can say it proudly “I’m an architecture”. But……..still
life’s irony, still the big vaccum between me and Salim. Even though he helped me
and I’m so grateful, I’m still asking the same question “why is life so
harsh?”. I know very well that Salim’s work cannot be managed without people
like me. It’s my fate, his fate, the one’s fate………..cannot object.


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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by w_ch on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:37 pm

Burried dreams

"The way they're fixing their eyes towards me is not comforting at all!" Anis murmured while looking to the three elders on his right. They were nicely dressed and sitting to one table in one range. Their robotic behavior ,their eyes' attachment on Anis and the way they were folding their arms set him perturbed. Anis was holding some papers in his shaky hands and was heading to the blackboard. He almost tripped and fell down on the way which caused more tension in the room. He finally got there and faced his audience. They were no less terrifying than the three well-organized men. In the midst of this scary gathering, a familiar sight caught Anis' attention. Her eyes sent him a coded message which he was the only one to understand it: "I'm very proud of you", said the "eyes". What would a man want more when he saw dropping tears on a mother's cheek. He knew it was tears of pride which was thanks to him. His father was present as well, yet he looked much more like the three men on the right with his frowned face.

Anis, being an only child, is a young adult of 22 years old who comes from a humble background. His parents provided him with everything he needed, even if it meant going for days without food. Anis never knew that as they could hide it so well – They trained themselves to always meet him with smiley faces in spite of the opposition of their bellies. He is now entitled to a great responsibility which is to drive his family out of misery. He is well aware of that, but is he really up to it?

Anis started explaining what his research was all about. The jury never hesitated to stop him at every point they felt they are not sure about. Anis on the other hand, passed all their tests perfectly. He even impressed them with his smooth way of explaining. It was something which made his mother even proud and caused more tears to run down. His research was a success on several bases. It stroke down those who doubted his abilities and accused him of having myopic sights. Applause of absolute respect was loudly thrown all over the room. An overwhelming joy took over the small numbered family, as they were heading toward their humble car. They got in and drove off. Once in the high road, the father turned to the son, who was sitting in the back seat to congratulate him for his outstanding performance. However, he didn't realize that a driver on his left was trying to light a cigarette. Amazingly, the two actions took place at the same moment and somehow, both men lost control of their wheels. A loud cry from the mother preceded the inevitable crash. That was the last she uttered and the last thing they heard. It was a deadly accident that took four lives and buried so many dreams that Anis carried with him for the past 22 years.

PS: I wanna thank you for your contributions. I read and enjoyed every single word you wrote. I just want to say that my story has been proofread by someone ( it contain loads of mistakes) I thought you would rather know about it...

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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by chinda on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:54 pm

Under The Lemon Tree

  It was two o'clock after the midnight when Rachida opened the door or her room and plodded to the kitchen. Without switching on the light, she opened the refrigerator and drank some cold water. The light of the refrigerator fell on her face to reveal a pasty, mournful face. She had a jaded look upon her as she had not slept the three last nights. After quenching her thirst, Rachida stepped to the garden behind where she used to spend most of her time with her likes. The garden was, albeit small, plenty of trees. She sat beneath a lemon tree, which her likes called it "Rachida's tree" as she used to sit under it. She threw her head on the tree log and stared at the moon which was full as it was the middle of Ramadan, the first Ramadan Rachida spent away from her home and family. Everything in the garden was sinking in a deep hush except of the faint sound of the breeze wind shaking the branches gracefully, and the sharp constant tones sent by some grasshoppers breaking the utter silence.

It was the third month of Rachida in the nurse home, but she couldn't adjust the new life it was imposed upon her. She had many sleepless nights thinking about her life, her past and future. But those last three days were the pick of her anguish. Her mind was pregnant with many scrambled thoughts. The words she heard from her son and his wife tormented her every single day and night, and still resounding in her head;" I do not need you here, old lady. You became like a pain in the neck...I don't want to see you here again...go, go away and let us live our life. I can't stay with you under one roof; either you or me in this house."The poor Rachida, when remembering those words, put her hands on her ears trying not to hear them, but in vain for the sound was coming from her mind. Rachida's mind that night was swimming in the souvenirs of her past. A flashback took her to to the delightful and luxurious life she was living as her husband was a wealthy businessman. But that blissful life didn't last forever. Its sparkle started dwindling with the great loss of her husband, Ahmed in a business affair. That loss rendered him sick as he spent his last weeks bedridden. Moreover, to make things worst, her greedy son with the urge of his malicious wife seized the rest of the fortune for himself and threw his mother in a nurse home. Rachida woke up from a wonderous dream to find her life shifted from the highs of happiness to the depths of misery. But a mother's heart is always merciful. She forgave her son and ,with dwindling hopes, awaited for weeks to see him coming from that door, kissing her hand and taking her back home, but all her hopes came to nought. There was an erasion of hope in her heart as despair found its way to her soul.

On the next morning with the first beams of the sun, the gardener went out to water some plants as usual. He glanced a woman lying under the lemon tree. He approached from her to recognize that she was Rachida, the new lady in the home. He called her but she didn't replay. He hurried to the administrator who came with the doctor who checked Rachida and said:" I am sorry, the lady had died." The administrator looked at Rachida who was still holding a picture in her hand and said with the tears streaming slowly from her eyes:" Finnally she closed her eyes to have some rest, but this time without opening them again." She took the picture from Rachida's hand and said:" Call her son and tell him that his mother had died, maybe he will come to see her for the last time."

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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by cookie on Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:37 pm

Real love story

THIS story that i am going to tell u now doesn't differ on those love storis which we knew,
but there something so special in it that no one can resist ,it starts with my first cry ,my first vision ,my first walk ,my first smile and laugh ,it was simply the first and the last feeling, this story starts when i was a little girl discovers the anonymous world around me ,i felt that someone is watching me everywhere i go ,waching me in everything i do, i felt and sensed him completely ,and i felt that he loves me so mutch, and he doesn't want me to suffer and to cry ,he was always with me as a shadaw, he helped me in many things so i couldn't stay without him any more ,i loved him and i will always do .
days passed, i started to take him with me in all the places there wasn't a separation, i used to talk about him, to mention him ,to tell my friends about him in fact he liked that.
now iam a big girl, i grow up and he grew up with me, you know many things has changed ,problems start to be appearred in my life and many other difficulties ,but i don't care since he is with me, and even i have all these problems and difficulties i still love him ,no one and nothing gonna change this feeling because he loves me and help me ,isn't this such a beautiful thing he always stand up for me, i can't immagine my life without him it will be oweful horrible and empty you know my father and my mother know about this, but they never tell me not to do this they never mind because he is the best thing that had happened for me ever ,after all this my parents decided to leave the country we live in ,to change the place not because of him but because of life ,so they were obliged ,and i was afraid ,and i thaught that this is the end of our love story ,finnaly sorrow invaded me and i drowned in my tears , something was killing my heart inside ,but he tells me don't cry i'll never ever leave you alone since you want me by your side, i will stay for you for ever and nothing can separate between us even death ,my happiness back to me, and than i looked to the entire world and say with a loud voice: you are the first i loved and the last one.
this love story is between me and allah so
love him as mutch as u can there is no such a beautiful love story

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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by bilinda on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:18 pm

Just One
Among Many

She did not stop turning around the house since the morning .She enters a room ,stares at it for a long time ,and then goes out disappointed .Nothing changed in that room .The scattered carpets with dark colors are still in their places .The wooden table did not move also .the walls’ color started to fade but they are still the same .They still hold the clock that turns and turns to steal by its movements every beautiful second in her life. She rushes to the backyard hoping to find something new ,but she finds nothing but the habitual things. Ramlia now feels like she is in prison .No ,more than that .At least in prison there are some people to talk with, some who we can unfold our feeling to .She feels like a taper in a rushing wind. Like a fish out of water.

After realizing that novelty in her house is a thing beyond hands .She crept to the roof to empty her charged energy with tears that seems to cry .She went there to express her feelings through the weakest arm she has . Ramlia ,the twenty one years old girl, in the land of dreams had planted her roots .She thought that one day she will blossom, she will sprout .But now she is nothing but a flower about to wither .After years of suffering she got her baccalaureate with very satisfactory marks. She dreamt always to go to university,and experience new life that is beyond these walls .She wanted to meet new people ,to visit new places ,and to walk in her capital’s streets. She wanted to have a position in this society .To be a doctor , a teacher, or a nurse whatever ;the most important for her was to work ,and to be a positive member. But it seems that her father
did not understand that .Without a mercy he cut her umbilical cord that connected her with life .He prevented her to finish her studies and to go to the capital because it was a shame .he told her:" stop talking like clumsy girls . As people of Sahara and traditions, I can never let this happen .You can go but over my dead body .The place of woman is in the house serving her husband, and her children .We cannot go against traditions."

Oh traditions! What traditions that bury women, and their dreams in a cursed cemetery .What traditions that turns the angel of hope in their lives into a specter of
despair. What cursed traditions that put the muzzle on their mouths to silence
their voices forever.

She tried to defend herself but her father was deaf to her objections. Not only this ,he
also decided to mary her to a man that is totally the contrary of what she once
dreamt of. Si Ahmed is the son of the elder of the village, and their reputation is undeniable in all the surrounding areas .His family is very rich, and the fact that he asked the hand of Ramlia was a source of honor to her father .It would be madness if he refuses such a man. Si Ahmed felt in love with Ramlia from the first time his eyes fell on her beauty while she was going to high school. She was not really pretty but her features were very regular. Her dreamy dark eyes imprisoned him forever .He said :"such a beauty should never be in the streets, this beauty must be protected in my museum."

" Ramlia ,Ramlia please come downstairs your father is coming with your uncle Bachir (the father of Si Hmad)to ask your hand officially .Come on please we do not need more troubles ."her mother's voice came to cut her thoughts.

She wiped her bloodshot eyes from crying ,and went downstairs like a machine .Suddenly a voice in her ears whispered and said:" it is solely by risking life that freedom is obtained." This voice was like a magic spell .In a twinkle of eye that forlorn girl turned into a determined one .She opened the door to her father and without saluting them she said: "Oh father ,I love you ,and you are all I have. But in your world I cannot live .I’m a human being not a bomb about to explode so you have to control it all the time .I have dreams ,hopes ,and no one has the right to shape my life the way he wants .I do not want to get married with this (Si hmad) .All I want is to go to university and finish my studies otherwise instead of holding me to my groom’s house you will hold me on my
hearse killed by your hideous authority .Because for me to die runnig after my dreams is better than being awake in a bitter reality."

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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by JOKER on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:38 pm

A Journey in the Toy Factory

Born and raised in an isolated place, Tony, a 16 year old autistic teen, never got to experience what a normal teen would, robust happy, running everywhere as if a newly born lamb is released to pasture jumping around, stops when he sees you, to give a hug, call your name, give you a wink, then keeps running again. His disease will not let him distinguish the good from the bad, nor right from wrong, just acting for the need, disregarding the consequences, basically a four year old kid trapped in a body of a teen. When finally he settles down to play some computer games, particularly puzzles, you find yourself lost, trying to understand what is he doing is quite impossible due to his rapidity in solving puzzles, incredibly in no time unlike any other player.

His mother passed away of a rare disease leaving the whole responsibility on the father’s shoulders, so Tony mostly spends time with his aunt playing with his cousins. His father, a successful busy man, tried to spend time with his only son by taking him to the factory, it was a toy factory; Tony used to get excited when realizing that he is going there, running ahead to the car waiting to go. Along the road, each avenue, he could name it, he had a fascinating memory, his father sometimes relies on that to remind him of anything when needed if it were a meeting, a phone number of somebody, etc...

One day, on their arrival to the factory, as usual Tony starts jumping happily greeting the workers, calling them by their names, as if he have been with them for a long time, they all loved him, such an innocent joyous boy, except for a worker there, who seems uncaring just wanting to finish the day. After a while, the father in hurry as if a million-dollar chance is waiting, ordering his son to stay there in the factory and that he will be back in no time. Tony directly goes to the office up-stairs not for anything except for his favourite pass-time, puzzles; he sits behind the desk, turns on the computer and never gets the bored or says enough until someone says it is. All the staff loved him; someone even pampered him, and gave him a drink and cookies. The father promised to come in “no time”, arrived in a couple of hours later, checks if anything is okay, goes up-stairs to get some papers from the office, and in his way out of the factory he couldn’t find Tony where he left him. He asks the workers, they replied he was in the office, “no” he said “I was there a moment ago!”, where else he could be the father kept wondering. “...Nothing to worry about, sir” said the workers, “...The boy likes to explore the factory, he could be just anywhere inside here”, but no one found him, in fact no one noticed where he went at all. As time went by, which only added stress and despair, every moment passed meant that it is a serious situation; the father was going crazy, muttering, “Could it be that he’s kidnapped?..., maybe someone drugged him in a glass of water or something..., but why would anyone do that?...that’s absurd !!... I don’t think I have enemies!”. One of the workers, hesitated to step up, fearing he would be wrong, was thinking that the boy was kidnapped by his co-worker, the one who is always uncaring, suspecting he might have a hand in it. He was not sure, but he had a good reason to suspect him, because that worker used to be the brother of the former owner of the factory, “could it be that he got jealous, and wanted a ransom as a sort of vengeance?” He wondered. The father has never been so desperate, now after losing a wife, he cannot afford losing his only son; he could do nothing about it though, he fell on his knees desperately, regretting leaving his son, then everyone heard someone yawning, it was him, “Tony” everyone screamed happily, “where were you all this time?” They asked. Tony was asleep the whole time that is why he did not hear them. The father sighed in relief “thank God”, “where have you been son?”. The workers did not check everywhere actually, they left a room thinking it was closed, and that the boy cannot go there, but nothing would stop Tony because the poor kid was doing the only thing he ever loved: solving puzzles!

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Short story Competition Empty Re: Short story Competition

Post by Thewolf on Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:03 am

The Seven Nights

One upon a time, Man’s heart decided to break the secrets of dream land. He was armed with all what he needed in his long trip, he also took with him his two best friends, Man’s spirit and Man’s imagination. The time of their adventure was limited between sunset and sunrise; because the old wise-man told them that the dream land appears only in this duration. In the next evening, they agreed to start the trip with the sunset directly. After long walk inside the dark forest, they met a fairy, and she asked them about their destination. No one answered till the man’s heart replied “To Dream Land my lady” Surprised, the fairy and answered them “Everyone passed on this way never came back, I advise you to go back homes because this trip need wise men not only courageous” Man’s heart said ”we are ready for everything can happen my lady” The beautiful fairy liked the big desire they had to reach their aim, she smiled and said “I can help you, advise you and show you the way of your trip” She gathered them into her small dark cottage; “look at the magic ball men, you have to pass seven nights, and each night will be full of ghosts, vampires and wild animals, so many difficulties will stand on your way, but your union, honesty, and belief in love are your arms against the devil”

At the first night, everyone put what the fairy said on his mind, they walked through the jungle till they found an old cemetery, a group of curious-men stopped and rained them by questions: “What are you doing here? Where are you going? From where did you come’’? The three men showed a big patient, tried to continue the way but curious insisted until they knew the answers of their questions. For the sake of their noble aim, the men passed this step without making any troubles, and they learned that patient can be an arm to avoid crashing with curious people.

The second night, Man’s spirit felt tired and he could not walk more, he asked his friends to continue the way without him, but no one from them listened to him. Jealousy, as usual wanted to break the relation between them and on man’s imagination ear said “Go, go, he will be ok, you are two and you won’t need him anymore” After a short silent, man’s heart and man’s imagination remembered their agreement which was the honesty. The braves smiled, and became happy because they broke jealousy by their honest union.

When the third night came, our great men found their selves crossed all the forest, but their aim, dream land, was not found yet. A large land appeared to them, they stopped with astonished minds “We are lost, how will we find our way?! The land is spread, and we cannot even restrict our direction’’ In order to misguidance the courageous men, appeared Lie and Cheat, two scary old men riding on mules, and together they said “We know what are you looking for, your way is from there’’ stupidly, Lie adverted to the left and Cheat to the right. The poor three men lost the hope, and in silent they set on the ground till man’s heart spoke ‘’Sitting here and thinking in solutions is better than if we followed the tricksters’’ Truth always defeat guile.

Came the fourth night, they decided to walk till they found something or someone gave them flame of hope. After hundreds miles of walking, frustration and drowsiness floated on their thoughts, no one of them was able to find a solution, each one was saying in himselfMay be it is better if we go back homes, our way is unknown, and we will be just victims for our dream.’’ Suddenly, stars started shining substantially. A soft wind was blowing trying to whisper something in their ears. The three men's dream was about to fall apart, but in a blink of an eye, a young, handsome man stood in their way and told them " Go forward young men, don't look behind your backs, put your dream in front of your eyes and never give up, come on, gather your courage and continue your way till you reach your target, don't let anyone or anything defeat you" said the young man in a warm voice, he was in fact, determination. The three men got up with a determination to fulfill their dream.

With the sunrise of the fifth day, the men found their selves on the border of the woods where a rocky land laid in front of them." How can we cross this land whereas we are dead tired...our feet can't hold us more...our bodies are shaken because of tiredness...oh God! Your mercy God ", cried Spirit-man with desperation. They felt on the ground glaring to the rocks in front of them. In the midst of their desperation appeared a ragged man. The men saw in him their salvation, but he was Mr. Despair. He looked at the tired men and said with a husky voice:" Your dream is beyond hope, you are just running after a mirage, the land you are looking for exists just in your heart, imagination, and spirit... believe me, your attempts will come to nought. For that try to forget this illusion and come back homes ".But the three men's heart started to beat with hope again, they knew that the man standing next to them is just Despair which should be defeated. They handed each other and said: We will not let you penetrate our hearts, Despair.our hope will guide us, and light the path under our feet to reach our dream."The three men knew that it was just hope which they needed. They stood up and stepped forward, looking to the bright unknown with hopeful eyes.

Day after day, the adventure became without an end as the men thought, because they didn’t find a choice, either go back, or continue the way. The darkness fell down on the sea and made it look like a cruel ghost, whereas they were thinking in a solution. The Man’s heart suggested on them to build a boat, and after they finished building it, they knew that they had only to break confusion and bear confidence on their minds, held their breath and got in the boat, the wind pushed them into deep of the sea where their fate became under its mercy. The angry waves were shooting the wooden boat left and right, high and down till a strong staggering hit their boat and divided it to pieces. Spirit was the first who fell on the sea, later followed him Imagination, they were faint and lose their power. Lucky they were, because a small island was nearby them, man’s heart caught a piece of wood and pulled his friends to the beach, where they slept till the next night spread its dark lines. A strong shines appeared from the highest point on the small island which made one of the men woke up, he was astonished and woke up his company “friends, we are alive, we are alive” they opened their eyes on that light and wondered what is that ?” Like that passed the sixth night and came in the seventh one.

At the seventh night, the braves stood up on their feet hardly, and curiously they walked towards the light. After they crossed the small forest, they found themselves in a wide yard, in a place looked like a piece on heaven, creatures from light were flying and surrounding a beautiful woman, she looked at the men with a wonderful smile and said “welcome on the dream Land, the virgin land which had seen for the first time by human being” she adverted by her magic stick to the heart, spirit and imagination men and by her magical power gathered them in shape of one handsome man. And she chose him to be her husband. Finally, they lived in big happiness together in the dream land.

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The Haze

It was 2 a.m. and she was sleeping in her little room alone. The rain sheeted down outside and from time to time lightning and thunder roar like an angry lion. The woman awoke suddenly, but it wasn't the sound of the thunder that awoke her. She had seen the same thing again, a nightmare that each time wakened her breathless. The black images never seem to wither away.
The same laughter of a little girl holding her torn teddy bear in her bare arms. Even the words, she heard them again that night, the speaker was much nearer. He was approaching; this time she could see his face and recognize his voice. When the same nightmares haunted her every other night for the past few weeks, she barely could remember the voice. It was much similar to a whisper and was for her an anonymous speaker mumbling nonsense. But that night the voice was utterly different. It woke her up with a jerk. And when she was fully awake, she could not stop thinking about the man. His voice attracted her but also filled her with terror. He told her something about her little girl. Her head began throbbing with a sharp nagging pain, so she just pulled up the duvet. Buried underneath it she let herself think about what she had seen and heard again that night…

When problems started between her and her husband she reacted as any other woman. She insisted to leave his home and take Lila with her in search for a peaceful life. And he could not prevent her from taking his little girl away from him. Women can tolerate pain, so many people say, but when they are betrayed men are chiefly blamed. The breach between them grew even more when the little girl was taken into custody. The court granted it to the mother for Lila was still a child, and even ordered the house for them. Depressed by this memory, a frisson of fear rippled over her body. What she felt next was quaint, it was not the regret she sensed each time his memory dimly crossed her mind. Regret for getting hitched with him, for loving him, for defying the whole world even her parents. What she felt instead was self-pity mingled with repugnance. She loathed herself for being selfish all her life, first for marrying a man other than the one her parents chose for her. A man who ultimately sold her at the first price he got. Then for taking her innocent daughter away from her father and breaking her heart. She was angry at herself for the loneliness and the desolation which filled her heart. In the dim light of her room, she sat alone thinking about what kept disturbing her sleep, the reason why an important detail was missing in her worn-out memory. A part from her past, she hardly could remember in spite of her desperate attempts in forcing her mind to retrieve it.

The secret love story between her husband and the maid agitated her and she was consumed day and night by the thought of them getting married. She even neglected Lila who was merely two years old! And when her husband moved with his new bride to their new house things got even worse. She directed all anger and hostility towards her little girl, beating her severely whenever the innocent daughter uttered her fathers' name or said "pa". Sometimes just by looking at her beautiful huge hazelnut eyes and seeing how similar they looked to her father's.
Sitting alone in her room she could not remember all this. Days of torture were all erased. And the long hours, sometimes the whole nights she spent immuring little Lila without food in her room were obliterated utterly from a memory shattered by her incarceration in a psychiatric hospital. Seven years she spent taking high-dose antipsychotic drugs successfully removed all traces of why her girl died of dehydration.

The pain in her head was agonizingly growing. For a whole week she refused to take any painkillers for she only got her drowsy. The past was not all clear for her, but veiled by a gloom that she insisted to remove. She wanted to know… lest she could get some good sleep without her husband's voice disturbing it.

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