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Learning English Through Songs

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Learning English Through Songs

Post by sabine on Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:08 pm

Music and singing aren't just fun, fluffy fillers in a foreign language class. Music is a powerful tool for language learning and retention.
Whether it's classical background music, traditional songs, mnemonic devices, or pop tunes, music motivates students and develops language skills. Here are some sound reasons to hum a little foreign language tune:

Listening to Song Lyrics Improves Comprehension Skills

If you've ever tried to figure out the lyrics to a song on the radio or any other video device, you know that careful listening is required. A popular activity in middle and high school foreign language classes is to listen to a song from the target country and fill in blanks to the lyrics.

Singing Songs Develops Good Pronunciation

Music lends a natural rhythm to words and phrases, helping language learners to use good pronunciation. Melodies and rhymes guide learners to speak in a native cadence. Every time you play a recording of a traditional or popular song, you are exposed to native speakers who model correct pronunciation.

Singing Songs Increases Vocabulary and Speech Patterns

Songs automatically put language into a context. Students will begin to pick up vocabulary and complex expressions they might not otherwise come across. Some songs can be used to teach specific vocabulary, such as singing "Alouette" to learn the parts of the body.

Music Aids Memory

Teacher-created rhymes, chants, and songs can help students memorize grammar and vocabulary. It is easy to use a familiar children's tune and change the words. Consider bringing or creating songs for verb endings, possessive adjectives, days of the week, months of the year, prepositions, weather expressions, and any other chunks of language that must be memorized.
So, why not to have just a try?

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Re: Learning English Through Songs

Post by sassy86 on Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:35 pm

Hi Sabine Smile Thank you so much indeed for this nice post !After you have eulogized so well this way of learning , as well as teaching English, I have no other choice than to adopt it Very Happy

In fact, all what you have said is so true since this is also one of the ways which helped me to learn English.
But I must say it is not all students who can learn this way, some are so shy to sing in front of people , and others have a terrible voice (no i'm just kidding Laughing )
In sum, what I wanna say is that it all depends on the personalities of both students and teachers (I'm not a shy type so I think I can adopt it Rolling Eyes Wink )

Now the question is: can YOU Sabine sing in front of all your mates?? cyclops Very Happy

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