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Blida Department of English: Free Stand to Stand Free
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Shakespeare's Tragic Flaw: Abha Sharma

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Shakespeare's Tragic Flaw: Abha Sharma Empty Shakespeare's Tragic Flaw: Abha Sharma

Post by Ezinma on Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:01 pm

Hi mates " Shakespeare lovers" , here is a poem by Abha Sharma, it's
entitled 'Shakespeare's Tragic Flaw' A literary Treat .An intellegently
woven work that merges Aristotle' POETICS and four of the Bard's famous

FLAW....... [A literary Treat]

‘POETICS’ concocted
with decent science
When ARISTOTLE the noble treatise design,

Brooded the BARD with ionic pen
Borrowed the flaws from Poetic’s den,

Undulating HAMLET stammered the verse
‘To be or not to be’ became Denmark’s curse,

Arrogant LEAR donated British crown
Stormed by sinners, with Kent and his clown,

MACBETH’S foul, the fair ambition abide
The prophetic witches cajoled the Scotland’s pride,

OTHELLO’S suspicion awakened death
His jealously fetched, virtuous Venice’s wrath

Medical metaphor purgated the tear
Abducted the emotion of PITY and FEAR

The TRAGIC FLAW cathartically connived
Endowed the ‘vent’ for passionate Mankind.

Both entertaining and educational. Enjoy it!

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Shakespeare's Tragic Flaw: Abha Sharma Empty Re: Shakespeare's Tragic Flaw: Abha Sharma

Post by Hush on Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:59 am

It's short and clear,we can learn it by heart ( even if it's not my cup of tea fawda1 )

Just to remind myself and my mates about The Tragic Flaw, it's a defect, a weakness or a mistake that leads to the downfall of the hero. It's called "Hamartia" which is supposed to be more sophisticated and literary 3ab9our

For the Catharsis it's well said by the writer

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