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Help master 1 in setif ...;;; modules and lessons

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Help master 1 in setif ...;;; modules and lessons

Post by gaby on Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:19 pm

hello mates
i m a student in English departement in setif ; i was in the classical system so i studied for 4 years , now i was chosen with the first 10 students to join the students of the L.M.D system in the MASTER class .
the modules that we are going to study are new for me and the other 9 students whereas students of LMD have dealt with them during their 3 years of study so i am not able to understand the lessons an
d i find my self too late . so i will give you the name of all the modules and please help me with the lessons and any thing that might be helpfull for me.
not to forget that i m married and have a babygirl who is just 6 months and i live 2h far from the university so i m really suffring this year and i cann't attend all the courses i am focusing on the TD ... please help me as possible as you can .
i was really lucky to be with the 10 first student to study master and i dont want to loose this  opportunity please
i m waiting for your answers
                                                 all respect
                                                                           Beissan' s mom

the modules are

Research methodology
Language acquisition

waiting for anythin that could clear any module and tell me what we are going to study in each module

thank you all

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Re: Help master 1 in setif ...;;; modules and lessons

Post by yassino on Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:30 pm

Me too i need help to know what i should study in each module ,at least to get yourself prepared.I hope they response to your topic as soon as possible inchalah.


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