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What Is Interactive English?

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What Is Interactive English?

Post by mimi cici on Thu May 24, 2012 4:56 pm

Interactive English, which uses audio-visual prompts to assist in learning and self-testing, is one such resource. Interactive English websites typically contain pages of visual aids that can be activated by the user with a mouse click to generate spoken or written vocabulary or to link to a quiz for self-testing. The term "interactive English" is also used by brick-and-mortar English schools to refer to a style of learning that involves discussion, role-play, and frequent interaction with the instructor.
Many interactive English exercises can be effectively utilized online without the need for an instructor. A typical interactive reading exercise, for example, facilitates comprehension and vocabulary acquisition by supplying a written passage with several multiple-choice questions based on it. An interactive grammar exercise might consist of a sentence with a missing verb and an attached multiple-choice quiz supplying several verb tense constructions. A student can use the tests both as a way of learning and as a method of increasing confidence by self-testing.

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