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Be prepared

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Be prepared

Post by w_ch on Sat May 22, 2010 2:34 pm

Be prepared

I donít want to impose, or to cross the boarder;

Iíve got a piece of advice and nothing more.

Life isnít a set of words that are well-made;

They donít make the world slightly better.

You might want to scream or even to roar,

Still, the effect of which will soon fade.

Thinking youíre a predator or a witty hunter

And saying Iím everything, I must be the core.

You must have forgotten; life isnít just a decade.

Life is one, two decades, and may extend further.

Being almost dead, youíd remember the days of yore

And how it came; on the bed, very sick, you laid.

Your proud words cut hearts like a sharp blazer

And the sea of your irritating actions had no shore.

Yet now, youíre an old thing, with no title or grade.

Like youíre now above, youíll be one day under;

Youíll be asked, and there works no valor

Thus, be prepared for it, and with nothing, you should trade.

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Re: Be prepared

Post by Londonhbb on Sat May 22, 2010 3:09 pm

ēYea I definitely share with u the same opinion. Yea we have to be simple no matter how our grade is !! because in the end we r human beings
ē Carry on writing bro I have strong belief on u that u'll reach someday to the fame among the brilliant writers .

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Re: Be prepared

Post by chinda on Sun May 23, 2010 12:35 am

Really it is an advice from gold... nothing lasts for ever and everything must come to an end... Good job w-ch, carry on brother...

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Re: Be prepared

Post by louli on Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:21 pm

it hurts when it comes to your heart's matters.

as chinda said, nothing lasts, and you know what! it is a good deal like that because if everything will stuck on you, your life will be such a boring game on others dirty hands.

keep typing mate. well done!

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Re: Be prepared

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