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"I'm a terrorist!"

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"I'm a terrorist!"

Post by glourious on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:07 pm

One day, my friends and I decided to change the routine of the our daily activities, so we decided to
go the forest.

It was a nice spring day ,the sun is shining. We
gathered some provision(food ,water, camera…,etc)in our backpacks , and with
the first sunrays we head towards the “Black Forest” as it is called.

It was really nice, seeing the city left behind and
the nature is getting greener and the birds are happier. .

We passed some wonderful scenes( small rivers,
valleys…,etc), and the company made it even more wonderful.

On an isolated road
near the forest, we saw an old blue car coming towards us, then it
stopped , turned around and left, but we didn’t pay that much attention.

Now we are walking for 3 hours , and we climbing a hill, where all in a second we saw a gendarmerie vehicle coming behind us is slow pace and we
didn’t pay that much attention to this either. We thought it’s just one of
those routine job they do. And we continued climbing the hill.

We reached the Black Forest an hour later… It was very
beautiful , shadowed ..and a cold air where breezing out of her.

We sat there for a while because we were very tired,
when we saw that the gendarmerie patrol were
still around until it stopped by
a small valley, the car could not pass it!

We continue our trip, and we entered the Forest about
12:00 sharp.

We were having fun doing things there ..remembering
our childhood adventures..

We set a fire there and we gathered around it when Suddenly an Army Chopper flew above us making a sound scarred all birds. We thought
that army may have something to do in the forest that day so we decided to move
away and avoid them.

We got out from the other side of the forest when we
saw four(4) Army Trucks full of solders
far away. So we thought that we guessed right..” they are having
something to do there!” What is it we didn’t know …and we didn’t care! Once
again we changed our course to avoid
them ..and decided to go home( it was about 16:00).

We took a shortcut
passing a valley and a small river..and FINALLY we got out and
reached a paved road that leads to

A few moments later, we saw 4 gendarmerie cars coming and
they pulled over next to us. And about 20 gendarmes got out of the cars,
dressing like they are going to war with their bulletproof jacket, helmets, guns… and I swear a God they looked like they saw a
ghost… pale faces ,shaky hands..

But they didn’t do anything, they just “STANDBY “!

When their leader, a Colonel got out and comes towards
us , followed by couple Sergeants and said :” Are you
the ones who were in the Forest this day
?” My old wise friend said:

Can I see some IDs?”,he said . So we show him
our IDs. then he asked “ what were you doing there?”.We
answered:” just enjoying the
He repeated with ironic tone: “ enjoying
the nature??!!
Don’t you know that the country is in a war with terrorists??…and …!!”

Then he called his supervisor and with a tone of PROUD, he said:” Sir! I have the Suspects in custody !” and we found
ourselves accused of being terrorists...

later we found out that the driver of the old blue car is the one who told the
police this false information !

Of course later they founout that we are only poor civilians most of us are
students ..and we are NO THREAT to national security.

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Re: "I'm a terrorist!"

Post by Thewolf on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:19 pm

Well, first let me say Hamdoulah 3'la s'lametkom. Listen my dear, many people lost their live and shot by Army, coz mistakes like that. We have a great army, may God bless them. and big thx for the old driver of the blue car. We must stand with our army to stop terrorism.

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Re: "I'm a terrorist!"

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:27 pm

Hahaha, really funny adventure.....w 3la slamtkoum.


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Re: "I'm a terrorist!"

Post by chinda on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:47 pm

Sure it was unforgettable adventure Glourious!

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Re: "I'm a terrorist!"

Post by Londonhbb on Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:02 pm

wow Glourious Good story . I advice u to expand it ! I mean to make some scenes from ur imagination nd keep the same context . Bcz it really expresses our suffering toward terrorism ! may be it'll be one of the novels of our Algerian literature why not ! since Irvin Washington began with a (stolen novel ) he brought it from German literature nd translate it into English with some modification . And he became " the father of American literature " even I'm against all what is said abt AM lit or AMciv bcz Americans didn't invent anything in those fields . They just stole ideas nd betray poor ppl (indians ) nd so on .
Sorry 4 my talkative way of commenting but I just want to reach u the idea that u can write since it's ur own story .
Good luck bro !

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Re: "I'm a terrorist!"

Post by Nounette on Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:04 pm

Wow Very Nice Advantage Glourious !! And It's Really A Nice Idea Londonhbb !! Why Not One Day I'll Read One Of Your Novels (All The Members Not Only Glourious) !! And Hamedolah 3la Selametekom Glourious 3morekom Tewiiiiiiiila !! LoOoL !!

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Re: "I'm a terrorist!"

Post by glourious on Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:39 pm

Algeria had suffered from terrorism for many years. our parent and that generation know that very well...I was too young to remember although my family suffered a lot from terrorism and we lost many lives..
The only fact that I know is that the Army is too cautious when it come to engaging with terrorists...For example, months ago a group of terrorists attacked a village in Ain Eddefla, they didn't hurt anyone but they stole money and women's jewellery.Although they spend hours doing that and the citizens called the police, the army,..everyone, but they didn't show up until latter that night.
that incident was not the first in that people realised that they are by themselves and it's better for them to avoid confrontation and keep their lives..
I know that the army follows strategies and plans...but believe me the life of the citizens is not their FIRST priorities.and except for ARMY the other law enforcements are not that qualified to protect citizens.I wish you could have seen the faces of those gendarmes...I can't believe that those solders would actually shoot and kill a terrorist.'They would probably freeze there and get a bullet in the head!).

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Re: "I'm a terrorist!"

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