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Post by Thewolf on Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:06 pm


When Prophet Ibrahim (peace & blessings be upon him) made his famous prayer to the Almighty God many centuries ago, no one thought that this invocation will be fulfilled some 4000 years later.

We know that Prophet Ibrahim had a hard task and had dedicated all his life to dismantle idolatry and to call people to the unification “Tawhid” and worship of the Sole God.

It goes without saying that this message had to face serious opposition from the tyrants and the unbelievers and caused Prophet Ibrahim some hardship and ill fated bullies, but this did not deter Prophet Ibrahim from conveying his message, in contrary he continued the struggle and prayed the Almighty God in the famous prayer which the Holy Quran eloquently relates it:

“Remember Ibrahim said: O my Lord make this city one of peace and security and preserve me and my sons of worshipping idols; O my Lord! They have indeed led astray many among mankind, he then who follows my ways is one of me, and that disobeys me, you are indeed oft- Forgiving and Merciful. O Lord! I have settled some of my offspring in a barren of valleys near your sacred house, so that they may observe true worship. So fill the hearts of men with kindness towards them, and provide them with the earth’s fruits, so that they may give thanks.” -Holy Quran – 14 / 36-37.

To go on checking the two major prayers of Prophet Ibrahim in the above mentioned verses, we are sure that both of them were fulfilled as the appearance of the Prophet of Islam came to reality and the city of Makkah erstwhile down trodden, now the place of Pilgrimage where Million of Muslims gather every year in lunar month of Dul-Hidja.

As such, truth was verified with the first fulfilled prayer of Prophet Ibrahim: The appearance of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) in which Rabi Al Awal is the Birth anniversary of the Saviour of Mankind.

It was in the auspicious month of Rabi Al Awal, as itself is a very happy expression meaning “spring” in the Arabic Language, the very word raises pleasant association of happy things of scents and hues when the earth is at its best.

A radical change came about, the earth burst into glory as it were, all was green and miraculously glorious as there was fertility, verdure, prosperity, the whole soil became as it were of gold.

Prophet Mohammed was born in the year 571, 50 days after the famous event of Abraha’s attack upon Makkah with a bid to desecrate and destroy the Kaaba, the House of Allah, the Almighty, as a result of this ill- fated attempt, the designs of Abraha, the master of elephants were frustrated and doomed to total failure.

The Prophet’s birth came on the night of 12 Rabi Al Awal according to the major sources, which accordingly has the distinction of being the night of birth.

Mostly important, this birth came with the mainspring of guidance for all Mankind and the manifestation of one who was to deliver the last message and revelation of the Exalted Allah.

The Prophet was indeed a great thinker, a grand Leader and a unique man who delivered the world from the darkness of ignorance and oppression by his brilliant emergence. He cast light of hope into the hearts; he paved the way for the perfection of Mankind.

Those who were lost, found their way to the truth in the light of this brilliance and those already enamoured of the truth would find a secure shelter under the auspices of his holy teachings, his warm and merciful hope-boosting tone of voice relished with the Divine orders:” Say there is no God but Allah, so you may be saved” and magnetized the bewildered towards him. He illuminated their dull and bemused hearts to the extent that they shattered the idols and stepped over them and had recourse to the imperishable, eternal and Divine Lord.

Truly in our turbulent world of today and tomorrow, who can inject hope of life and truth into the sick hearts of the people? And which sovereign is capable of bringing hearts together and create genuine zeal and profound affection in the melancholy hearts of million of people?

The Prophet of Islam was an epitome of human perfection ,his characters were pleasantly different from those of others, what he said was the truth and in accordance with the norms of justice , his wise speeches cast waves of hope and reassurance into hopeless hearts.

Now after a lapse of fourteen centuries since his auspicious birth, humanity at large and the world of Islam in particular, pride themselves on the fact that he succeeded in taking up the leadership of the oppressed and agonised people of the world and that he successfully accomplished his Divine mission, and no salvation or upper –hand stance is to reign over the world of Islam, but by the following of the teachings of this noble prophet.

It is all your honour O great Messenger of God that your name“MOHAMMED” is the most popular name in the world without any contest and this after more than 1400 years from your passing away, such challenging and daring Miracle cannot be ignored or passed up by any wise man who is in search of salvation in this world and in the Hereafter.

So all Praise of Allah be upon you, upon your Honourable Household and upon your Loyal Companions.

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Post by Nounette on Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:46 pm

All Praise Of Allah Be Upon Our Prophet, Upon His Honourable Household And Upon His Loyal Companions. !! Thank You The Wolf !!


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