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Adventures In a dream

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Adventures In a dream

Post by Karim_Rap_4_Life on Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:35 pm

I bet that every
Rapper in the world has a great imagination except few ones. I am talking about
real Rapper not like Jay Z, Kayne west, Lil wayne……or Apoka and Chakeer those
fool jerks. As sinking in my imagination one day I created a satirical short
adventure of Karim-Rap-4-Life and X-chow a rapper who used to challenge me therefore
I created a new topic called (Rap Attack ) there I put my Rap and he too just
like a box match I defeated him in (Five Rap Attacks) face to face.

During the fights
between Me (Karim_Rap_4_Life) and X-Chow we made a real mess due to the hard
tactics and the violent expressions we used then. Everybody was excited to see
the new attacks meanwhile supporters started to split into two groups one
supported X-Chow and the great majority supported me coz I was bright and being
real. The supporters got feud with each other in the forum and they messed
everything the administrators could not regulate the situation then every body
was fired out they were banned from being a members in that forum. Every member
was mad for being rejected from their only forum which used to be their home,
then got out for a manifestation to punish me and X-chow. Our profiles were
published in so many articles of most famous newspapers in the world New
York Times, Daily Time, The Sun, LA Times, El Nahar, El-Chourouk
. There
were shows and documentaries talking about our lives such as EuroNews,
BBC, CNN, France 1,2,3,4…etc
high authorities heard about the chaos that we caused then send police to get
us in jail, then we were listed as most wanted criminals coz we were hiding.

The problem
developed into world wide security FBI and CIA studied our situations then
tried to catch us. They caught X Chow in his home sleeping then forced him out
without shoes and he was mad and yelling “I swear I’ll kill that Rap_4_Life I
swear. At that time I was sitting in MCS Cafeteria (قهوة
المولودية ا تيوايوا يوا) in the evening I saw in the news that he’s in jail and me still escaping
like 2pac in Cuba I decided to get to him and escape but I need a plan when I
got into the prison I could escape I searched for Michael Scolfield and I asked him to give me the map of Prison
he refused to lend it to me I
insulted him then back to Algeria searching for “Jem3i and Pidro” I asked them
to give me the map jem3i gave me the map of (7arach break) and Pidro gaved me
(Prison Bourak) I got a tattoo in my

I surrendered my
self to police they got me into jail too there where I found X-Chow as he saw
me he bit me in my face I got him in the floor and bit him too then prisoners
intervened and fought us both then we got up and revenged from them all one by
one you know how is it going with DZ people they love to revenge. We escaped
through the wasting waters channels and you know it was easy coz you know they
are wide not like ours in Algeria hi hi hi.

We had to walk and
walk getting so far from that prison until we found ourselves in the very south
of Florida states where we got caught up from Indians then Pocahontas the
only daughter of the Indian tribe head chief called outtacatawa I
called him Oukacha he liked that. Pocahontas wanted to change
her name to Rebecca I asked her to choose Rbey7a or Fati7a.X-Chow
sung her a pop song and she liked it so much then I made a song Rap about “Batata”
and the Indians liked it so much. Pocahontas gave us two gifts she gave
me one 7alazona and another 7alazona to C-Chow.

“ottatta kichi
7alazouna” She said.

I said “7alazona
cha di biha ya rab7a”

“7jra men 3adn
el7bib tofa7a” she replied

I told her “normally
they should have meant tofa7a fay7a”

We came back home and we were
famous and prominent figures due to our adventures. We were then invited to
attend the Arabs got Talents when we accessed the place everybody was
clapping and X-Chow was happy too Kussai rushed to us shaking our

(Sa7a chachra sava elda3wa) he

(Aya rou7 tal3ab marakech gedi
ya weldi Rap na3arfou kima na3raf dari….) I said

X-Chow (khalina menah ghadi
7assoub rou7ah tayara)

And we kept laughing at him hi
hi hi.

Then that snakes Maya came too
hug us wow especially me I think she fell in love with me then she gave me her
mobile phone to dial (write a number on a phone) my number on it

Ha ha ha I put it in my pocket
coz I had no mobile I had already sell it to attend the show you know I’m poor
this days ha ha ha

X-Chow start rapping on the show but Najwa and Ali rejected
him I got angry I told him to not care. Then was my turn I started rapping everybody
was yelling Karim-Rap-4-Life. I was rapping about Racism and regionalist
between Arab people but “Najwa” pushed
the X I made it fast and hard than before Alia began to murmur and saying
unclear words but racism was clear there I got mad I rap against them all supporters
liked that started yelling at the juries especially Najwa and Ali.

Here the few lines I rapped on there against the juries:

I see some racist appearing On

Excluding us without a petty

Ali acting like you teach in Cambridge

Don’t you see your behaviors are
disgusting and ugly

my law is to make you low you
wanna see more

Tell me Yow Najwa why you’re

This is the wrong place where you’re

I'm here to fight so high then

I've been balling from Algeria’s

Neither Barçelon nor Real is
my side

Gangsta is my side don't need no guide

when I'm outside you hide

to make you know I'm Algerian
and proud

alone With my lyrics I pound
any crowd

I don't make spontaneous words
to express

I cause the stress dash send
you a virus

plus when I'm mad call me

my rap's nucleus is to diss
not dances

press in every sequence of

yeah yeah yeah

What’s my name (Rap 4 Life)

What’s my name (Rap 4 Life)

I’m coming from (Algeria)

What my side (Gangsta Gangsta )

Yeah baby I do it coz I love

Whatever in your mind show it
and do it

Don’t think about what they
say baby

This is for Algeria’s young Talents

Other Arabic Talent’s too

Look how my
imagination is like, the adventure started from a small Rap attack in a forum
developed to a world wide trip you see how I make the events so this is the
same why Rap is special and great art just like poems when the Rapper write on
a paper create a whole new world treating social phenomenon just like poems
everybody and his style and karim-Ra- 4-Life got his own style
without any imitations. Don’t you notice that you travelled with me through the
world in Two pages with funniest jokes. The Rapper is always lost in
Imagination just like lost in the desert.

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by sabine on Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:51 pm

hats off Karim. I'm really happy to read you. You're really a great rapper with a wonderful imagination. I feel that you're yourself (it's Karim who's writing with his own style and ideas) I liked so much the trip Wink You drove my interest to read the story till the end. The part I liked more was that in Arabs got Talents hhhhhhhhhh it was amazing brother how about attacking Amrou adib who was always stupidly saying "فلة شمعة منورة طبعا معانا" Mad

Bravo brother

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by Karim_Rap_4_Life on Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:05 pm

hhhhh thanks Sabine I don't know How the idea came to my mind and wrote such a story hhhhh well this is the story and it finishes at that limit but I've another one and I'l expend it in the near future I'll post it another time I wish you will like it and thanks a lot for showing up BTW I forgopt about Amrou Adib hhhh damn how I did not remember that coward Mad

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by Forgotten-memory on Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:51 pm

I couldn't pass without commenting hhhhhhhhh
beleive it or not...i was re-reading it few days ago in THAT forum hhhhhhhh
and this version is a lot better hhhhhhhhh oh man i can't stop laughing hhhhhhhhhhh....
Everytime i feel sad ...i go and read all our old topics...and laugh on how Sara and i used to ruin your topics hhhhh....i go and read. Old dare or truh...old poems...old participation that we used to lol about...and other participations that made us be a Family...this makes me wonder..can those days comeback?.....
hhhhhh.the only thing i regret is being away when that war happened
and remember that you promised to sara that you will write that story...and she's still waiting for it....hhhh
keep your head up bro

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by Karim_Rap_4_Life on Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:52 pm

hello hello Black Poison How are you doing .....I thought I posted the modifeid version of this short dream haha damn I'm sorry If I knew that I have not posted it i would never hesitate to show it to you especially Hind Dz, you, Jimmy and miss cool, katy pretty..........BTW I told you that I stopped writing since a long time and unfortunately l
can't write as I used to be you can say my hobby is burried and that's good for me at least I'm not going to enter Musical life you know I wish If I can never get into it I just want to do rap alone and only for my djelfa family and those who want to hear it.
BTW stil two Rap songs you gotta see them in the near future actually I finished them since two months or more but I did not find the occasion to post them since Djelfa is so disgusting these days and for the old days sometimes I don't know where to post to make it active again and sometimes the forum is so hard to load don't know I personally miss those old good days where members writing section was active and French section was jealous hhhhhhhhhh to join us or to make their section as active as our hhhhhhhh hell .

thank you Sister from the bottom of my heart thank you and
your participation is appreciated hhhhhh

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by Forgotten-memory on Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:37 pm

Hi brother...seriously i can't understand why you decided to stop've been allways inspired...always up to make the difference...why you decided to stop...for me...i really miss to see my bro as the good writer...remember that i've been always posting my poems after you do.....just i was afraid to publish them and you encouraged don't have to post them there...but don't stop...remember that one "it won't stop" it doesn't matter if they like it or not....the point is to follow your inspiration...let it all out....i told you once that pain inspires's something bad...but i figured out a way to get it out....when i feel sad i write a poem...when i feel happy i draw...when i feel angry..i go to read something or to study something....this is my way to escape cruel miss life
i hope i could change something in your stubborn head hhh i know you my bro...
just find something else for works...a nd you owe me an incomplete said be ontinued...but it never was hhh

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by Forgotten-memory on Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:47 pm

and......i forgot this one...your participation is appreciated hhhhh
sara used to lol on's when someone put a silly "thank you" hhhh......then you say "your participatiom is appreciated" hhhh feels like it says...."3la balna...aya bla mzyetak" or "bena9ess had el commentaire" hhhhhh.....that's why we used to laugh on it
i remember once I opened a topic for me and sara we call it "crazy zone" hhhhh actually Sara dared me to do it....then "someone" came to say...there is a section in the forum just for can talk there and bla bla know.....Sara avoided to talk then i said to that someone "your participation is aporeciated " hhhhhhhhh Sara was almost dead of laughter hhhhh good times....good times....
Thank you brother....omg you made me LOL...i was almost crying hhhh

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by Karim_Rap_4_Life on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:14 pm

a bad news that poem till now is incomplete as I remember it was the last thing I wrote the fact is not on who likes it or not nah it's deep me inside look Writing is not my only failed hobby....I used to draw and I stopped too It's done friend I'm going down

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Re: Adventures In a dream

Post by Forgotten-memory on Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:30 pm

Aaaaaaa now you are making me sad...and angry....NO don't say "failed"...give it another chance...don't be so negative...there must be a bright side in are NOT going deserve all the give your self another chance....Let go all the thinking...Everything is written...our lives are written in one book named "destiny"and the writer of that book knows well what to do...he's the almighty....why shoul we be anxious about it.....we should trust him.....and we shoul let it all go to his caring hand....okey...Now you gotta promise to try to wrte again....try to write anything...i don't care...just give it another chance...or else i'm gonna stop writing too...unless you gave me reasonable causes....
Yeah....i've learnt that from face your student niahaha

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Re: Adventures In a dream

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