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textual commentary

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textual commentary

Post by bilinda on Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:25 pm

How to
comment on a text:

before doing anything you must read the text at least two times. This will help
you to grasp the general idea of the text. Not only this, you must read with a
critical mind to know from which angle the writer is dealing with the issue.
For example the first reading of the text “the crown and commonwealth” written
by Ivor Jennings reveals to us that the text talks about the relationship
between the crown and the commonwealth. However the second reading clearly
specifies the kind of this relation. Having this in mind, we have to go from
general to specific to write the introduction of the commentary. In this case
you can speak about the commonwealth in general as being the consolation prize
for loss of empire. Then you can narrow your ideas to say that despite the
undeniable role played by the crown, the latter still find it difficult to reach
its desirable end. After that, you must present your text and relate it to the
previous idea for example you say: Ivor Jennings
is one of many writers who in crown and commonwealth (1966) sheds light on both
the role the crown plays to keep the commonwealth members tied and the problems
it faces to do so. Ps it is crucial to
mention the author, the title of the text, and the year of publication.

Body: To
write the body you have to divide the text in your hands into parts. Each part
holds one idea. If each paragraph contains one idea it is ok to divide the text
into paragraphs because sometimes two paragraphs talk about one idea. So
remember the partition of the text must be done according to ideas. Textual
commentary is never the summary of the text or another version of it. Fully
aware of this, you have to say what was said using your own words (the main
idea or it can be the topic sentence), how it was said, and why it was said
bringing to surface the point of view of the author. Remember that every idea
must be linked logically to the previous one. In the same text we can find two

From it would be ungracious..To the part played
in it by the United Kingdom: the role the crown plays in keeping the
commonwealth members tied.

From until recently to the end: the problem the
crown faces to assert its effectiveness.

the conclusion is not the summary of the body. In the conclusion you must say
to what extent the author was successful to present the issue. Did his text
bring a change or influence? here u can find the text p172

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Re: textual commentary

Post by sassy86 on Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:29 pm

This is so useful


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