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Mohm !!!!

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Mohm !!!!

Post by mimi cici on Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:26 am

The term mohm has multiple meanings, depending on what the 'm' stands for. In some cases, the m is a prefix used before -ohm, and stands for 'milli-' or 'mega-'. Mohm may also be the abbrevation for mobile ohm, a unit used to measure the mobility of sound waves.

When mohm refers to milliohm or megaohm, the ohm is a mechanical ohm, which measures electrical resistance. In this context, resistance refers to how much a material opposes the flow of electrical current. One ohm is equal to the amount of resistance incurred when 1 volt of electromotive force produces 1 Ampere of electrical current. A milliohm, written as mohm or mΩ, is one thousandth of one ohm, while a megaohm, written as Mohm or MΩ, is one million ohms.

Milliohms are the units of measurement used for objects which have very low resistance. Milliohm meters can be used to test batteries, especially the batteries of small electronic devices, which are designed to have low resistances. Batteries with lower resistance hold charge longer, since there is less force resisting the flow of current. The resistance of capacitors, devices which store electrical charge, is also frequently measured in milliohms, since capacitors with lower resistivity are more efficient.

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