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Post by dark lady on Wed May 25, 2011 5:36 pm

Deep down it's melancholy and darkness, a blessed-winged angel's heart cried, from between the invaded with evil blackness, blood-spattered, glum walls of the prisonlike world he'd built for himself with the ruins of what was left of his goodness, walls that appeared to be crueler than any of the ghastly crimes that inflicted the eye of existence, further from the truth of the hidden tenderness of their freezing cold heavy touches that refreshed his heart and gave it strength, but the frailty of the ungrateful heart awakened by a sudden gleam of light, refused to remain in that dea-living world, and made it vanish with an unexpected caress of love , so to set the angel back to fly and get out of darkness so to survive, but the angel with bleeding wings from the firmament cried again dropping tears more precious than pearls that wrote goodbye on the skyline, cuz an angel from heaven in a heavenlike hell can not survive............
dark lady

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