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An Attempt to Identify and Analyse Students' Needs in Learning ESP

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An Attempt to Identify and Analyse Students' Needs in Learning ESP

Post by NORINET on Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:20 pm

An M.A Dissertation presented by Mr.Salim Ounis, University of Batna.

study is conducted to investigate the needs of the agronomy
students in the us e
of English
for Specific Purposes at
Batna University.
Analysis of the needs is by two groups :
the Agronomy students and their teachers of English for the academic year 2004 -2005 using a
questionnaire for the students and a structured inter view for their teachers of English. The findings
reveal the positive opinions of all two groups on the needs of using the specific English courses tailored for Agronomy
students at Batna University. All f our macro-English language
skills (listening,speaking, reading, a n d writing) are greatly needed. Reading skills are considered as the most important.

Click Here to Download the Dissertation


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