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Third Year LMD Final Project – Mr. Missoum

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Third Year LMD Final Project – Mr. Missoum

Post by asma on Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:31 pm

To do the 3rd year project with Mr. Missoum, choose one topic from the following:
1. Learning Strategies for EFL Students
2. Developing Learner Autonomy
3. Developing Self Regulated Learning
4. The Mission of Higher Education in Algeria
5. The Mission of the English Department in Algeria
6. What do Students in Algerian English Departments Need to Succeed?
7. Teaching Students to Become Life-Long Learners
8. Quality in Higher Education - The University of Blida is not among the 500 Best Universities in the World. Why?
9. Characteristics of Better University Teachers
10. Teaching / learning civilisation
11. Teaching / learning literature

NB: Each supervisor will direct a maximum of 05 projects (as defined by the scientific committee of the English Department). If applications to do research with me exceed 05, the best pre proposals will be selected.

Schedule & Requirements
1- Prepare a pre-proposal containing: A- Statement of Purpose, B- Research Rationale & C- Research Question (s);
2- Submit the pre-proposal to me (deadline: November 24th 2010); I will put a note of accepted pre proposals by December 1st 2010;
3- Prepare a Mini – Proposal (about 3 – 7 typed pages).
4- Before semester 1 exam, submit to me your final draft of the Mini – Proposal. The Mini Proposal will be evaluated as follows:
Title page: 1 point; Statement of the topic: 3; Rationale: 3; Research Question (s): 3; Bibliography: 3; English Language: 2; Oral Presentation: 5 points
NB: The Bibliography must include a minimum of 03 print sources; if only parts of a source are relevant, mention titles and subtitles that you intend to read. Submit your sources with the mini proposal)
5- You will present orally your Mini – Proposal.
6- Before spring holidays, pick up the feedback on your Mini – Proposal.
7- Prepare a Maxi – Proposal (5 - 10 typed pages);
8- Before semester 2 exams begin, submit your final Maxi – Proposal. The outline of your Maxi-Proposal will be as follows:
Definition of Terms (if necessary)
1. Statement of Purpose
2. Review of the Literature
3. Research Rationale
4. Scope of the Study:
4.1 Research Question
4.2 Research Sub-Questions (optional)
4.3 Research Hypotheses (optional)
5. Methods
5.1 Data to Be Collected
5.2 Data Collection Procedures
5.3 The Subjects
Appendices (sample of research tools)

NB: Application of the study is not necessary as the document you are expected to prepare is a research proposal and not a research report.

9- You will present orally your Maxi – Proposal and get a mark for the presentation.

You will be given a grade for Semester 2 on the Maxi – Proposals;
Evaluation: The Maxi Proposal is evaluated as follows:
Definition of Terms: +0.5 point if necessary & well written, Title page: 0.5; Contents: 0.5; Introduction: 1; Statement of Purpose: 2; Rationale: 1
Review of the Literature (more than three pages): 4;
Purpose & Scope of the Study: 1.5; Methods: 3; Conclusion: 1; Appendices: 0.5
References: 1 point (Must include a minimum of 03 print sources); Bibliography: 0.5 point; Oral Presentation: 3.5 points

10 - Before summer holidays, pick up formal feedback on your Maxi – Proposal.
NB: 1- Submission of documents: Wednesdays at the end of your group’s class;
2- Feedback Sessions will be scheduled later.
3- Changes to the schedule will be announced in classes, by email or notes.

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Re: Third Year LMD Final Project – Mr. Missoum

Post by messi on Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:29 pm

man! That teacher is really serious in what he does! and I think it won't be easy doing the final project with him.

Gud Luck 3rd year!

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