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Pre-Islamic Poetry

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Pre-Islamic Poetry

Post by $uenos on Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:45 pm

According to the book "in Pre-Islamic Poetry" Taha Hussein that Arab literature in the last fifty years had fallen and wounded deformed and distortion, due to a monopoly of Arabic Language and Literature, by virtue of the law. This is not a chattel Khaleeq nation of Egypt, was from the shelter in history literature and Habitat of civilization. Ismat Greek literature of loss. And protected from the influence of Arab literature and the kernel is nothing wrong with Turks and Tatars.

Arab literature, should be based on proficiency in the study of Semitic languages and literature. And the mastery of Greek and Latin languages the rulings and manners. In addition to understanding the Torah and the Bible and the Koran. The way how to study the Arabic literature, if we do not study these subjects as a whole. Do we think that the elders of Literature in Egypt, who has read Homer's Iliad and Virgil Inadp? He was a man of letters bigeye because he was educated before the linguistically or chart or a writer. He was fluent in Greek philosophy, science and the policy of the Persians and the wisdom of the Indians. And was aware of the history and calendar countries. Albeit bigeye lived in this day and age, to try to master the German philosophy and French. This is what exactly is Professor of English Literature or French today. Enough to consider the literature of Abu Alaa Maari to see that we need science to the Islamic religion as a whole. And to Christianity, Judaism and the doctrines of religions in India. This in order to understand the poetry of Abu Alaa. Through literature can not bear fruit only if it is adopted on the science is appointed, and the culture prevents him.

Arabic language is sacred, because it is the language of the Koran and religion. And it is sacred, not subject to scientific research which may require the correct criticism and disbelief and denial, and doubt, to say the least. The Taha Hussein, he now wants to be teaching Arabic language and literature, like science conquered by the navy. The study of Arabic Literature Today, only praise of the Sunnis, Shiites and edema isolationists and outsiders and infidels. And not that of the no profit, not very scientific literature for the Arabic language. Arab literature has something, and spread of Islam is something else. For example, if ordered by the political power writers and historians that the writings and studies limited to the support of political power, not all authors, if they Khaliqin this name, the influence to sell beans and shallots, to be instruments in the hands of politicians, corrupting their science and ethics.

We have closed the old supporters of themselves in literature, the door of ijtihad. Also close the scholars in the literature, and speakers to speak. Arabs still divided into obsolete and will remain, and to Arbp and Mozarabic. Still Oolaik than pulling, and those born of Ishmael. Still darquedante the author of "cease cry ...", and blink his" to Khawla ruins ...", and Omar ibn Kulthum, "Do not ...". Wehbe

But I, and the talk here Taha Hussein, questioned the value of pre-Islamic literature, and I urged in doubt. And concluded that the absolute abundance of what we call literature Jahlia, not from ignorance of something. But is Mnholp after the advent of Islam. They represent the Islamic Muslim life, interests, and desires, rather than an ignorant life. And what is left of the correct pre-Islamic literature is very small, does not represent anything, does not indicate anything, it should not be relied upon to extract the correct literary image of the pre-Islamic era. Hair which was attributed to darquedante or TFB or to other poets, the ignorant, can not be the destination of the linguistic and technical to be of these poets. Nor have before the broadcast to appear before the Koran. So it should not be invoked in this hair on the interpretation of the Koran and modern interpretation. But should cite the Qur'an and modern interpretation of this poetry and its interpretation. The lives of the ignorant Arabs, a phenomenon in the poetry of Jarir and Farazdak Thi Rumah Akhttal and sponsor more than one appearance in the hair, which was attributed to blink and Antar and Bishr ibn Abi Kazem.

The ways to solve the pre-Islamic poetry, listed as Taha Hussein, it is a political and religious. After the migration of the Prophet to the city, created enmity between Mecca and Medina. Stained with blood on supporters won at Badr, the Quraysh on the victorious one. Ansar stood poets and poets of the Quraish, and arguing and Ithajon Itnadilon. Each team defends and the Ohsabh Onsabh, and pay tribute to his people. And shortly after the conquest of Mecca, and after that the Quraish were united with the fans, died the Prophet did not set a base for the succession, nor the constitution of the rule of this nation which has been collected after the band. She returned to these grudges emerge. I woke up and sedition after she was asleep. And ash, which was still secret hatreds. Migrants differed from the Quraish with supporters in succession. Where you are and who you are. It almost spoils between the two teams. No bundles of a group of Quraish Quraish and the strength of the material. Vozan supporters. And accepted to go out to the emirate of Quraish. However, Saad bin worship Ansari, who refused to pay allegiance to Abu Bakr, Omar and pledge allegiance. Continued to represent the opposition. Strongarm, Mady determination. Until he was killed in cold blood in some of his travels. He claimed he was killed by the jinn narrators. When the killing ended with the age and succession to Othman, the Umayyad caliphate in. Neurological and intensified the Umayyads. And intensified partisanship among other Arabs. After the killing of Osman and separation of Muslims, he ended Alomrklh of the Umayyad, after that tribulation and war. Valasbip and related political benefits, have been the most important reasons that led the Arabs to solve hair Jahliyn. Son of Peace recognizes that scholars are able to distinguish the hair that Inhalh narrators at ease. But they find hardship, hardship and discrimination in the hair that Inhalh the Arabs themselves.

Were not religious emotions and benefits less than the emotions and political benefits in the cost impact hair and bee. And add it to the ignorant. This was some of the bees in the outburst, is intended to validate the sincerity of the Prophet. Everything related to mission news and stories. Troy to convince the public that the Arab scholars and Khanhm News Jews and Christian monks, who were waiting Prophet of the Arab mission, or out of the Quraish of Mecca.

There was also another color of hair Pseudo. Attributed to the ignorant Arabs of the jinn. Arab nation were not a nation of people only. But there were other nation of the jinn. Long live the life of the nation medial. She has hair. Gin and Ontqgua with various arts of poetry and of rhyme. And placed on the same sayings of the Prophet, not a must, to interpret the verses of the Koran as they want, they mean it. In the layers of poets to the son of peace, we find evidence that the hair that resorted to retaliation for an explanation of what the Qur'an came from the United News of ancient extinct returned and Thamood and them, is felt Mnhol put the son of Isaac, who did not stop at that. But rates of hair to Adam himself, when he claimed that he lamented Abel when Cain killed his brother.

Another reason for the bee hair, back when I called scientific life among the Arabs and the United wretched pro. They wanted to study the Koran lesson for language, and establish the validity of his words and Arabic meanings. Vmutiroa to be invoked on every word from the words of the Quran with some Arabs felt. Proves that this word Quranic Arabic is no way to doubt Arabiytha.

There were also feuds between scientists. Have had little influence in the world and the status of his fame and the people saw it. Vistchehdoa hair ignorant on everything. Valmatzlp for example, prove the ignorant sects hair. However, this hair Pseudo ignorant, exploited by some Orientalists to undermine Islam. Argues, "Clement Hawar" in the long chapter published in Asian Journal in 1904, it has explored a new source of the Holy Quran. He felt illiteracy ibn Abi al-Salt. And that the apostle had in the systems used by the Holy Quran.

The Taha Hussein, he is suspicious of illiteracy in the poetry of Ibn Abi al-Salt. He says that even if it was in the poetry of illiteracy news contained in the Koran. Kobar Thamood and Saleh, the camel and cry. Who claimed that the Qur'an came from the news, was unknown before on until the Quran? And who can deny that many of the Quranic stories was known when some Jews, some of the Christians, and some of the Arabs themselves. The hair illiteracy ibn Abi al-Salt, but bees Nhla. Bee Muslims to prove that Islam and his predecessor in the Arab countries. Hence, we can not accept what is added to these poets and Altnfein. But with a bit of reserve and suspicion is low. The Koran alone is the text of the old Arab, who can be assured of authenticity. And is considered diagnostic of the era that followed it.

Taha Hussein's book "in Pre-Islamic Poetry" strong opposition. Because it provides a critical new approach to the Arabic language and literature. Contrary to the old method of cash legacy. This opposition, led by Azhar scholars. He accused Taha Hussein in his faith. And withdraw the book from the market to modify some of its parts. The Ministry of Ismail Sidqi 1932 dismissal from the university as president of the Faculty of Arts. Protested that the university president Ahmed Lotfi Al Sayed, submitted his resignation. Taha Hussein was no longer to office, only when the delegation has held power in 1936.

Thus, repeated a new chapter in the tragic epic of human history. When they collide with the new traditional ritual. And science Palmtwart. All they know is right and certainty. The money we know is wrong is obvious. The less knowledge, the more confidence as we know. Increased Dharaotna maintain this little. Reason with a crime and the use of a sin of thought. If they tried to correcting our ideas and our own misconceptions. This is in spite of the clear teachings of Islam, which should tell us the use of reason and thought in all things. As Akkad says: "the necessity of the use of reason in Islam, Hajj is obligatory.

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