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Literature police

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Literature police

Post by $uenos on Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:35 pm

Literature police the color of fantasy fiction deals with a specific crime with attempts to detect the perpetrator and a number of the keys to the solution with the secret police solve the mystery. In most of the stories Albolessp the crime of murder, and the keys to the solution either lead to or away from him.

The development of literature and police entered new characters, new patterns in the writing of literature where the police emerged from the cloak of spy novels, fueled by the events of the twentieth century such as the two world wars and the Cold War, and famous personalities innovators in this regard, James Bond.


Most detective stories with a single pattern, whether the story was a long story or novel, or short novel or short story. And traces the secret policeman keys puzzles, may be detected at times other crimes. The story reveals a peak when the secret police of the offender, and tells us how the mystery was solved. The style detective story evolved traditions or certain rules. Ivetouka of the author to deal fairly with the reader, ie it must provide the reader with exactly the same information used by the secret police to find the culprit. And readers can look to the story as a battle between them and the intelligence investigator secret
Date detective story
Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as depicted Sidney Paget

Detective story began with Edgar Allan Poe in his killings in a street mortuary in 1841 and this story and the novel and the mystery of Marie Roget novel stolen letter, the age of Bo, without the assistance of one, the year of the literary detective fiction stories. The secret was his conditions Auguste Deubn, illustrious amateur who uses logic to solve puzzles. Charles Dickens and try to follow a new form in his novel Bleak House 1852 - 1853 and the unfinished novel, a mystery of Edwin Drude. The novel by Wilkie Collins called the moon stone in 1868 was the most important of the first detective novels. And the back of Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. John Watson in the 1887 novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by the study entitled Vermilion. Holmes, famous characters in fairy tales and police were the first years of the twentieth century, a period of excitement and originality in the stories fictional detective. Invented the American writer Jack Futril character named machine Notepad, and introduced the Hungarian-born Baroness Ourkzi personal "old man, who in the corner." The period between 1925 - 1935 published the first literature the task of the book detective stories such as Margery Allingham, and Nicholas Blake, and John Dixon Carr, and Ms. Agatha Christie, and Earl Stanley Gardner, and Dahiel Hammett, Michael ins, and in the twenties of the twentieth century introduced a Journal Mask Black models American clear from the puzzles, often called the Secret Policeman's, puzzles or "realism." And focused these stories about a secret policeman hero of great anchors, and exciting action, violence and narrative method vibrant. The claims of this movement in the twenties Dahiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler followed a decade later. This method is still cast in high demand these days.
Detective novels

Spread writing detective novels in the whole world, and linked to the phenomenon of private detectives who are working independently from the police and cooperate with the men sometimes, and many of the characters are detectives with a world-renowned.

Of the most famous book Literature police Britons Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of man to investigate the famous Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie's most famous writers Literature police, and he has a personal man investigation with cells gray superior Hercule Poirot, and personal spinster old that issues are resolved ambiguities in the surroundings Miss Marple as well as other personalities less Fame.

Months of detective fiction writers Ijoroj Simnon Homme in French, known Bapetkarh Megreh personal investigator.
Detective novels for teenagers

After that spread the idea of detective novels in various parts of the world out by Gush Oyama created to investigate small-investigator, but they are just stories on the pages like a detective story other then shined the idea of television was the episodes of the series was on television the Japanese since 1996 and was entitled case was closed (in English: Case Closed) and then changed to the title of the investigator.

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