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All about how to write an essay

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Re: All about how to write an essay

Post by Ezinma on Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:01 pm

Hi, I'd like to say first welcome to the new joinee to this forum.Hope you'll enjoy being a member.

Conserning your first question on how we write a good essay, check this website, it's gonna help you to answer an essay question. Click here

To produce a good essay in literature of civilisation, you've to follow various stages while writing.The following stages are a guide you need to keep in your mind as you write you essays:

1-Interpret the question:
Often our problems as students in essay writing begin the very moment we are given the question. Anxious to get on with the work and not fall behind, we skip the interpretation stage and launch straight into our rough paper stuffing it with whatever comes in our
mind. This is WRONG!, because we don't have much time, and maybe after a hard toil we get tired and frustated and we can't carry on with our essay. So INSTEAD, we need to interpret the question in our own words, underline the keywords, and examine carefully what's the teacher is looking for. By interpreting the question also we will get a clear idea
on the structure of our essay. It leads us to set a clear outline.

NB: Don't exceed 10 min in this stage.

2-Set up your outline:
The outline is a MUST you should draw before you go off writing your essay. Most of us ignore this stage without knowing that it saves us plenty of time and effort. Draw your outline and decide how many paragraphs you write and what to include in them ( Topic sentence and the supporting ideas). Try also to write a simple intro and conclusion;
it may be edited out later on.

3- Write your essay on the exam paper:
Fininshing with your outline, start to expand the ideas you set before in a well organized paragraphs. Write a coherent introduction, an organized body with diffrent, and well supported paragraphs, and a conclusion. Try to use the exam paper instead of the rough paper because probably you'll run out of time without finishing your essay. Also you'll find that most of the hardest job has been already done ,by drawing the outline and you need just to recopy it.

4-Revise your essay, and give it back.

Good luck Lynda !!

PS: By the way, try to download books from everthing about the modules, second year , all you need about writing .. Extremely useful... And you should thank Hush.

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Re: All about how to write an essay

Post by Hush on Sun Mar 22, 2009 2:24 am

Hello mates,

First, I would Like to thank Lynda for her post and her question, so crucial for the English students we are. I would like to tell you that to get conscious about a mistake is the first step to correct it, and our teacher used to say that failure teaches success. I appreciate the fact that you're willing to improve your language, so welcome once again among your mates.

Second, a special thank for Asma and her fine post. The site she has given is awesome and right to the point.

What I can add is that in an essay there are two indivisible elements you should pay attention to: language and content.i.e. your essay should be well-written and should show that you master, or at least, that you have understood the topic.

Apart from that, I think that each one of us has his own way of approaching an essay. I'll just give the example of how we use the rough paper: some write a lot on it, others don't, some write the whole essay on it before copying it, others write none on it! For me, I use it in two ways: one is to write the plan on it, and two to brainstorm my ideas.

My approach to an essay is the following: I start by reading "Elfatiha" before reading the topic, then I read it once or twice and try to grasp the whole roughly; next, equipped with a pencil, I try to circle the key words and sometimes to underline the most important of key words ( if possible). After that, I make a brainstorming on my rough paper, I mean I write all what crosses my mind and think that it might be useful (eg: quotations, writers' names, dates, etc). I pass then to the plan, making sure I'm going to develop the key words ( or sometimes the controlling ideas) in different paragraphs in my essay. I keep in mind being as logical as possible in organizing my essay. finally comes the wording, or the essay writing in the strict sens of the word, and here I try to make use of the most refined vocabulary I know ( Even if I'm too far from having a refined one euh11 ) Here I am with my essay euh22

An essay is the fruit of a lot of reading and practice and I guess there are no magic solution. All the magic dwells in your love to what you do Smile

I suggest that we open a topic where we put forward topics, we write essays and we try to correct each other?

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Re: All about how to write an essay

Post by Virtopia on Tue Apr 28, 2009 6:14 pm

Bravo Asma and Hush you are doing a great job! Students have nothing to complain about after reading those wonderful, practical tips.
May Allah endow you and us all with the might to lead each other to the right way!

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Re: All about how to write an essay

Post by Ezinma on Wed Apr 29, 2009 6:11 pm

Thank you Lady Virtopia!

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Re: All about how to write an essay

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